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Once upon a time life seemed so much simpler.  We grew gardens, children played outside until dinner time which was usually after sundown.   After dinner was t.v. time, bath and bed.

We all knew our neighbors, and everybody watched out for each other. Sunday most families went to church followed by a big family meal and almost every church had a prayer chain.   In moments of sickness or death,  those in your community came together to help.

As a child some of my best memories are riding in the back of my dad’s pickup, racing down the street on my bike or just playing outside barefoot.   Often we went to the park in my home town to listen to concerts, have picnics or feed the ducks.      

Not as many people garden and can their produce.   We rely more on fast food, processed food and pesticides for the food that we do grow.    With this we see more inflammatory illnesses, more cancers, and an overall lack of knowledge.    It’s not to late to slow down and start going back to basics.     It is my hope that this website will provide a place of rest for others,  that it can be used as a tool to educate both myself and others.    

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